Month: June 2017

Nurnberg penshow

One of the advantages of visiting a penshow is meeting people and discussing a shared hobby. Over dinner, the evening before the show, I had the pleasure to meet the creator of Brixia fountain pen. Brixia pen has just recently started to make pens, and he learns from experts. When he showed me two of his recent creations, I was very impressed. Relative small in length, and wide for the size, beautiful material and vintage, gold nibs. Many people will love this combination. The day after, there was the pen show. The show was larger this time, as Kaweco,...

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The care of fountain pens

The fountain pen has long been the instrument of choice for the discerning writer, author and even the artist. Ever since the first fountain pen came into existence over a hundred years ago, the market has exponentially grown into what it is today. Although the golden age of fountain pens has long since passed, there seems to be a resurgence of this lovely writing instrument, with more and more people wanting to use an instrument that some say is the only way to write. Indeed we are seeing a revival of penmanship and the lost art of writing letters, the personal touch, that no email or electronic form of communication can ever provide. Due to the growing number of fountain pen users, I as a fountain pen enthusiast find it prudent to write this blog post for the care and maintenance of these instruments, so that they may serve us (and the next generation) for years to come. Common Mistakes The most common mistake that new users make is using an inappropriate ink in their fountain pens, this is single handedly the most difficult problem to repair in case the pen stops writing. Be sure to use inks specifically formulated for fountain pens !. Inks such as India ink are a strict no-no for fountain pens, also calligraphy inks are best avoided since they contain gum arabic and are...

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Montegrappa inks

Recently Montegrappa changed their inks line and extended the color options from 4 to 8, and at the same time increase the bottle content by 8ml to 50ml. Using the Col-O-Ring paper from the Well Appointed Desk, I can now share all colors combined. A warning, it is very difficult to make all colors look exactly like they are, on a picture. For example the black is very black. We did the best we can to show the colors and hope you like...

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