Many people are concerned about the size of the fountain pen. Personally I like them big, small or undersized, but I’m conscious that this is very different for others.

A Kaweco Sport I find great on the go, for quick note taking a Pelikan M400 size is great to. For extended writing I’d prefer something larger, size of Montegrappa Extra, Pelikan M800 or Aurora Optima (which is the smaller of the 3). For me these provide the optimum for long (er) writing. 

As for the oversize, what I like most about them is that they usually have larger sized nibs to, what is a big plus in my mind. 

For some a mid sized pen is considered large and, in my experience this is not just a man vs woman thing, some big guys like tiny pens and some small ladies like big pens. (i am not intending to be biased nor offend anyone in any way, just observations from conversations with different users) 

So why does size matter? 

It matters because of the user, if the user feels good using a certain size pen, that is the only important thing to consider. 

Big or small, all are loved by someone. 

A love story…